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By testing to ensure the data sets blended prior to embarking on a wider data blending architectural phase, we ensured the project was governed and required at every stage

  • Data blending strategy
  • Test analysis
  • Continual consultation

How we connect

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    True Partnership
    Our team becomes a virtual extension of your team, we are on the pulse with day-to-day needs
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    We provide continuous leadership and collaboration governed by reporting frameworks, analysis collaboration
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    Working Environment
    We explicitly comes to know the inner workings of your team, business and platform environment

Data science

Data science is inspired and underpinned by having thought leadership in technology and information architecture. Through data manipulation or understanding system information flows, end-to-end service functions and reporting tool outputs become powerful engines for business, brand and customer.

The Problem

Data sets across business units is a fantastic asset to blend and generate insights from, but the tools are not in place to validate, montetise or cross-enrich profiles

The Result

Define an architectural strategy that provides business (not data driven) approach to answering needs. By taking an approach to validate blended snapshots 1st, investment is evolved effectively

More than simply reporting results, data science is the application of statistical science coupled with programming to answer the "why?" of data. This may include the manipulation of data through multiple mathematical or programmatic transformations, the application of techniques to large, unstructured data sets and the visualisation of the results in easy to understand methods.

Types of services

Service Design
End-to-end service functions such as stock management, eCommerce infrastructure, payment systems and logistics provision
Data Innovation
Manipulation of data through mathematical or programmatic transformations to large unstructured data sets
Monetising Data
Blending business unit customer profiles and product data to leverage cross-domain monetisation